About the Project

The Pigmentum Project is an ongoing programme to develop and catalogue quality data on historical pigments. Its cutting-edge research and superlative technology is dedicated to providing the definitive picture of the field.

Publications and Projects

The Pigmentum Project have published two definitive reference works, and a number of academic papers.

The Pigment Compendium is a pair of definitive reference works on the historical terminology and optical microscopy of pigments.

Consisting of two books, A Dictionary of Historical Pigments and Optical Microscopy of Historical Pigments, the Compendium is also available as a searchable database containing all of the information presented in the books.

Lazurite is a database program designed to facilitate the documentation of objects and technical information.

Organising data into a searchable format, Lazurite allows the creation of a comprehensive database containing a huge variety of possible inputs. Specific objects, large-scale images, pigment samples and past analyses are all tied together into a searchable, user-friendly format.

In Depth

You can read more about the aims and scope of the Pigmentum Project here.

If you'd like to know about the people behind the project, visit the team page.

Get Involved

The Project often makes its extensive collection of historical pigments available to interested researchers. Placements with the Project are also occasionally available.

Recent News

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